What is The Failing Writers Podcast? Its like a self-help group for people who aren't exactly smashing their writing careers.

Who are we? Three mates who like to put the word writer near their name, despite never having actually "Written" anything.

Why are we doing it? In the vague hope that we might inspire each other (and in the process maybe even you) to get our fingers out and WRITE SOMETHING!

When are we doing it? There's a new episode out every Monday.

How are we doing it? That's...well, that's pretty self-explanatory really, we just talk into microphones.

Do you have any questions? Um...I'm not...sorry, who are you?

The Internet. What do you want?

Dominion over all. When do you want it?

Now. Why are you telling me this?

Because it's a secret plan to.....oh bugger.