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Gillian McAllister


Gillian McAllister (born 28 February 1985) is a British Sunday Times bestselling author, known for five novels: debut novel[1] Everything But The Truth (2017), which reached number 6 on the Sunday Times Bestseller lists and deals with themes of trust in relationships. McAllister’s subsequent novels have all been bestsellers, including Anything You Do Say (published as The Choice in North America), No Further Questions (published as The Good Sister in North America), The Evidence Against You, How To Disappear, which reached number 8 on the Sunday Times bestseller list, and most recently That Night which was a Richard & Judy book club pick, reached number 8 on The Sunday Times bestseller list and number 1 on the Kindle Store.

Sept. 13, 2021

21: Talking to best-selling Gillian McAllister!

Another great guest this week, in the form of Gillian McAllister. Sunday Times best-selling author, with the TV royalty seal of a…

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