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  • Tom

We have a winner!

The 2023 Failing Writers Podcast flash fiction competition has come to an end. On Monday's episode (S3 Ep19 - released 16th Oct 2023) we will be announcing the winner.

We've done things a little bit differently this year. Normally we'd be in touch with the winner prior to recording the episode, to have a chat with them and use that in the winners' episode. But this time out we decided that we'd keep it all under our hat and just do the big reveal in the actual episode!

So, if you're reading this before Monday and you entered the competition and your story wasn't rubbish - there's a chance it could be you!!

We had hundreds of entries this year, more than the previous two years' combined! It was great fun reading through them all, and we are really grateful for everyone who took the time to submit something.

And, a HUGE shout out to Scrivener, our sponsors. They've been really generous to get involved and to help us put together a rather sizable prize fund. Check out to find out more about Scrivener.

All that remains is for us to say "good luck!" and for you tune into Monday's episode and maybe to claim your £500!


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