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This is my favourite podcast and it is amazing. I recommend to anyone who loves a bit of comedy or love writing

Without Fail, Give a Listen!

Been too long in coming, but snuck in this review just at the start of the second season. As the lucky guy who won the pod’s flash-fiction contest last year, I wanted to hold off long enough so the review didn’t look like shameless self-promotion or sucking-up (even it it’s a bit of both). For anyone who has stared at the “blank page,” not knowing what the hell to put there, and wanting to avoid channeling Jack Torrance, remember that all work and no play makes for some dull writing. That’s where the Failing Writers come in. Press play, give a listen, and let them bring some playfulness to your writing process. They offer clever, funny fare, tales of their own adventures (and quite a few mis-adventures) and a string of guests with practical advice from the trenches. What’s more, they’ll make you want to write, if only to keep the Boys from yelling at you for not doing the work. Promise you won’t be disappointed. If you are, ask them for your money back.

Funny and relatable. Definitely worth listening to for anyone on their writing journey.

Laugh and learn

On one level, you can let the Failing Writers just be there: join some good mates on an entertaining ramble. On another, their own attempts and reflections on writing, coupled with those of their actually successful writing guests mean you keep learning with them. Oh, and then there’s the jingles that are way better than Adam Buxton’s. Subscribe, people, subscribe.

Engaging, inspiring and frequently hilarious

This is a gem of a podcast. As well as hearing fascinating interviews with guests and inspiring updates on the hosts’ admirable endeavours in the world of writing, you also get to spend a little while in the company of three talented, down-to-earth and funny fellows who are bound to brighten up your day

Not even a writer and I love this podcast

Escape for a bit into the world of 3 blokes being funny about stuff mostly related to writing ( or not ). There is something about this podcast that scoops you up, entertains you and gently drops you back an hour later feeling smiley....

Funny, informative and well, just brilliant

The first podcast I have found that speaks to me as a listener. Many others try to teach the ways of writing, the do's and the don'ts. This one talks to the listener as if they already know these things, have rejected them and moved on to more. The interviews with writers is useful too with them each giving tips on how they have achieved all they have and how they have found the way in certain genres or styles. This podcast really makes Monday a little less daunting.

Brilliantly real

I love these guys, their attitude to writing is brilliantly real and honest. I recommend this to anyone who is feeling stressed about their writing. Thank you for the podcast, long may it continue.


I've only recently discovered this podcast and I can't recommend it enough. I've devoured thirteen episodes in barely a handful of days; missing work deadlines, school pickups and family funerals, just to keep listening. That's how good this podcast is. Either that, or I'm mental

Breath of fresh air

As a struggling writer in the competitive world of fiction, listening to this podcast is a perfect antidote - a hilarious, informative hour of solidarity every Monday

Very funny, painfully relatable

This is the perfect podcast for anyone who’s ever felt like they have a book in them but also have the attention span of a fruit fly. The lads have great chemistry from the high brow Jon, Dave and the enthusiastic Tom and like all good mates they quickly devote into silliness within minutes. It’s like listening to a writer’s group where you actually like the writers. Recommended.


I cleaned the whole house just so I’d have an excuse to listen. It’s like being in the pub with you three. Although I had to take my headphones out when Jon read his fingering poem... keep going, chaps!


a podcast that doesn't judge me for being a terrible writer and almost certainly an even worse human being. Thanks chaps

The Creative Podcast We’ve Been Waiting For

… no, really: If you work in creative, specifically radio creative, or want to be a writer the guys are so relatable. It feels like I’m sat in the office. Every now and then they reference people or situations I know and I love it! Please don’t ever fail at this! It’s my new favourite podcast 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Funny conversations and questionable writing. Want to be a writer or maybe not well worth a listen. Subscribe now!

Friends already

Love a podcast where you feel like you know the people already! The Banz is deeply warm, very funny and reassuring in a mad cap world. More please lads!


“Should I be taking my pants off?” One of my favourite quotes of episode 2, which should probably give you an idea that these 3 clowns don’t take failing at writing too seriously!


Sitting in front of my keyboard trying to write a review of this excellent and witty podcast. But . . . nothing! Don’t listen to me, listen to Jon, Tom and Dave “The Bard”. They know what they are talking about. Lovely listening.

Five stars for the three stars

I will never be a gud writer like you three is as I feel that I’m too senile by far and not top at using big words. Your podcasts have been grate to have a real titter at most points in them. I’m looking for wood to more of them. It brightens up this bloody prison they call an home for gents.


Really looking forward to hearing more. Had me chortling a lot already. And maybe, just maybe feeling a little inspired to dust off a few ideas I’ve had in my brain for years now, & have a go at writing. Looking forward to the wisdom chaps.

It’s good !

Witty , topical and amusing a great start to the Three Amigos . Looking forward to the next episode already A+

Wow! Just… wow!!

Many people would be ready to dismiss my review, simply on the basis that I am actually in this podcast, but I can say completely with out bias that Apple need to change their rating system so that I am able to give this podcast the six stars it so throughly deserves. SIX STARS - A MUST LISTEN!!

Objectively, this is probably the best podcast I’ve ever heard

Well just because I’m in this podcast doesn’t mean my review is biased or anything. I mean, I can still be objective and honest about it. But seriously, what a great podcast, and that Jon guy is brilliant, so intelligent and insightful. And I suppose the other two are quite funny too.