The Failing Writers Podcast

The Failing Writers Podcast

A podcast for anyone who ever dreamed of becoming a writer...then went and put the kettle on instead

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Jan. 1, 2022

37: End of season spectacular (pt2)

Some people are on the podcast* - they think season one's all over... it is now!! *(those people would be Adrian Poynton, Caimh M…

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Dec. 27, 2021

36: The End of Season SPECTACULAR (pt1)

The end is nigh. The first part of our two part End of Season Spectacular sees us catch up with some of the guests that have help…

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Dec. 20, 2021

35: The Failing Writer's Christmas Special Spectacular!

Wrap yourself in tinsel, stuff 12 pigs in blankets in your mouth and get yourself comfortable to listen to this festive treat. In…

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Dec. 13, 2021

34: Sally Wainwright

Sally Wainwright OBE joins us on the show this week! What do you ask a multiple BAFTA award winning screenwriter with an impressi…

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Dec. 6, 2021

33: Our 250 word NYC midnight flash fiction challenge

Undaunted by our ignominious failure in the previous NYC midnight flash fiction competition, we once again put ourselves through …

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Nov. 29, 2021

32: Lets' talk about using f*$%ing apostrophe's correctly with Simon…

So, this week its' time to have a little chittertychat with Mr Simon Griffin, author of F*$%ing Apostrophes'. We talk about revie…

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250 word NYC Microfiction round two - The Itch

Two hundred and fifty words (just like this intro as it happens!) That’s all we had in this competition to show our writing prowess… or limp…

250 word NYC Microfiction round two - Remains

Well, we did it! Round 2.  All three of us. Skin of our teeth.  Here’s my effort: Genre: Romance Word:  Weak Action: Playing a gu…

250 word NYC Microfiction round two - The Birthday Song

The remarkable thing about this story is that it's very similar to... No, actually the two remarkable things about this story are that Me and Jon... TH…

About the Hosts

Dave Baird


Dave used to be Head of Creative at the largest radio station outside of London, but he gave it all up to become a successful multi-millionaire writer. Fifteen years on, he's still yet to properly finish anything. Instead he does voiceovers, reading other peoples words for money. But the dream is still there..........just as far away as it ever was.

Jon Rand


By day, Jon Rand is a professional Voice Over Artiste. (Pronounced AR-TEEST or he gets quite testy) You’ll know his voice from the telly - He’s the bloke who sounds all serious, even potentially quite angry about wanting you to watch Keanu Reeves in Speed, Friday at 9, on Film 4.
By night however, Jon is an avid writer of fiction. The sort of fiction that almost no one will ever want to read. He also likes cycling, playing poker and eating food. Oh and dancing at weddings… but… most of his friends are married now, so… you know… he doesn’t get to do that very much.

Tom Turner


Tom was brought up by wolves in the foothills of the Pennines. This explains a lot.