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M.R. James Picture Quiz

Well hello there my little Spookle-Pantses.

Juuuuust a little bloglet for the fans of M.R. James out there.

Following on from our amazing and thoroughly scary double-whammy of ghost stories, we thought you might like to give listener Simon Curtis’s phantastic picture quiz a go!  (He who wrote the creepy story about the babysitter in the big old house.)

Heck - let’s make it a little competition!  Winner gets a 'whooooop - big up ya!' on the first episode of series 4. (OK… not quite the prize you were hoping for, but look… we’re all skint this time of year - and let's face it, it might quite easily get even worse, as there's a 50/50 chance that we'll completely forget.)

Anyway, on the off chance that we do actually remember, simply spot the most of the 14 M.R. James stories in the picture, and we’ll declare you the winner on the podcast, leaving you with a warm fuzzy feeling for at least 3 or 4 minutes.

Here’s Simon with more:

"I am a massive fan of MR James and this year I managed to make a mini pilgrimage to Great Livermere, while I am not a Comicon level fanatic it was genuinely a great experience to wander around the church and in particular the churchyard he would have spent much of his formative years, it definitely gives you an insight to where some of his inspiration came from.  Every year I design my own Christmas Cards to send out to my friends and family and I write a Ghost Story to put into them. This year, I did a little montage tribute to James, I have attached it, you might be able to identify 14 of his stories in it.”

Send your answers to

We’ll read out the winner - episode 1 Series 4*

Good luck!


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