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  • Tom

"A Weirdly Endearing Listen"

Well, it's nice to get noticed, isn't it? Even nicer when that noticing is being done by a national publication that is probably one of the foremost when it comes to reviewing cultural and media content. So, imagine our surprise/disbelief/general giddiness when we saw we'd been reviewed in the Observer/Guardian?!

Of course, getting noticed and reviewed is only really half of the battle. Once you see your name at the top of the article, you quickly look down to see what they have actually said about you!

Turns out it was all rather decent, thank-you very much. The reviewer, Kadish Morris, pretty much hit the nail on the head with her review of our Poker Night episode. And when the review ended with the summation: "Overall, the earnestness of this show makes it a weirdly endearing listen." - well, we just had to hold our hands up and admit we had been accurately assessed!

Have a read for yourself, and see what you think...


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